Welcome to Sim Racing Trucking where trucking is a friendly run vtc where. You can do jobs own pace and don't mind how long it takes to finish a job or how slow are fast you are.

Its not just of finshing the job and get the next level on its about get the reword of the next level
Sim Racing bring gamers from the racing in to trucking and trucker into racing with easy if you want to get into any side of it. 

With reword from winning races and having the excellent feeling of it or get the job done on time its all about having the excellent feeling of doing it. 

Good new people we have a new partnership with driven by coffee who doing weekly convoy on ets2 or ats.

A bit from driven by coffee is the owner from them is a dj on tfm and streamer at the same time and loves to drive like we all love to do

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Jobs logged

351,649 km

Distance driven

92,712 t

Cargo moved

110,167 L

Fuel used